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What To Do After A Car Accident.

Every year our country has six million car accidents. Property damage is widespread. But there are also times when the accidents will lead to personal injury. It can be either to the driver and the passenger of either car. There are other accidents which end up in the death of the driver or the passengers. These are fatal accidents.These are unfortunate accidents. There are some simple things that you should know that you should do after you are involved in an accident
The first thing you should do when participating in an accident is to stop the car. This is supposed to be the case in both major and minor accident. Make sure you stay at the site of the accident. Make sure that there is no more damage that can occur at the site. This can be done by turning on the car flashers and setting up flares. Always have a flash light in your vehicle. The flashlight will be handy of the accident has occurred at night, and the car light is not working. Make sure that you stay away from oncoming traffic. You can wait for help or medical attention away from oncoming traffic.

You should call the police after this. The police have a crucial role to play after the accident. Even then there are no serious injuries to the driver and the passengers. Insurance ask for the police report after you file a claim. The police officers are the ones who are supposed to give the authority to move the cars which have been involved in the accident.

Tell the police the truth about the accident. Make sure you do not leave out anything and try to remember all the facts to the best of your ability. Make sure that you do not leave out any information. Do not insinuate anything about the accident. If asked any question by the officer and you do not know make sure that you tell them that you are not sure. There are times when car accident injuries will be realized much later. The injuries will be felt much later. The initial police report is what is going to be used to determine whether you are going to be compensated or not. This is why you should give correct information.

Take photos of the cars that have been involved in the accident. Do these while not affecting the activities of the police. The photos are important because they are going to be used as evidence if there will be any litigation following the accident.
You should make sure that you have the contacts of the driver driving the other car. The police will take this information. But in the event that the police take long to get to the site, take the name, phone number and the address of the other driver. You should also exchange insurance information between both of the drivers.

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