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How You Can Get Rid Of Pests Using Natural Ingredients

A place where most of us, especially families, find to be the most comforting is our home. However, there are many cases where we cannot do so instantly because of unwelcomed guests. Pests get into our house anytime they want to and it can be a headache trying to get rid of them from chewing the furniture or lurking into holes and hide. These tiny creatures will not only destroy our home, but also affect our health. When getting rid of these pests, we need to ensure that we are not going to make the situation worst and that means not using chemically hazardous pesticides that can even cause more harm to the people living in the house.

Commercial pesticides contain hazardous chemicals that can cause cancer and these include methropene, fipronil, imidacloprid, pyriproxyfen and permethrin. It can cause severe problems to the health of the children and even household pets. They will various signs including difficulty in breathing, seizures, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and severe signs can probably lead to death.

It is a good thing to know that nowadays, there are natural solutions to pest problems. Pest control companies have even been producing alternatives for pesticide chemicals and make sure their services does not include harming the environment. Exterminators are very common and many of them have been less damaging pest control products to avoid harmful side effects affecting both the environment and the people in the area.

An exterminator can be an added cost to your budget, however you can do the pest control on your own by making a natural pest repellant.

Some bug repellant sprays contain DEET that can affect the eyes and skin, and can create blisters. A better alternative for a commercial bug repellant spray is a natural solution spray which you can easily make as the ingredients are readily available. The ingredients are tablespoon of alcohol, essential oils and half a cup each of vinegar and witch hazel. The solution will turn out with a fresh smell because of the aroma coming from the essential oil. You can now use it by placing in the bottle spray and keep the kids and pets’ health safe. Examples of essential oils you can add are lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, rose mary, mint, and a lot more available in the market.

Another unwelcome guest in the house is a colony of ants. You can get rid of ants by making a paste of corn syrup and borax powder. Place this on an index card so that ants will be able to notice and be lured to the sweet smell. The ants will carry it to their nest thinking it is food and poison all the ants. It might take days for the ants to be completely gone but it is an effective and safe solution to the problem. It is however important to place the borax powder in a safe place where the kids will not be able to find it as it is still quite harmful when used in a wrong manner.

Another natural ingredient that can be used as a repellant is fresh basil. The aroma of this herb can cause nausea to insect flies and rats. A pot of fresh basil placed by the window or hanged on doors can keep the flies from entering the home.

In case of emergency where you find that the situation of pests inside your home is out of control, you will have to call the help of exterminator, as well as ensure that its services does not include harming the health of your loved ones. Exterminators are well-trained and skilled in performing their tasks.

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